AI & IoT contract development

We create new ideas and systems by returning our AI services and the data analysis know-how by machine learning accompanying the AI services to society.

We specialize in consistent requirement definition, specification design,

system development and new technology,
and also are good at agile development, which is familiar to AI development.
Waterfall type development is also possible.


By handling cloud servers such as AWS and GCP,
You can request without selecting the server environment of your company.

Development of robot that talks with people

For the purpose of branding, we have developed AI that enables "communication between plants and people" by combining AI with plants. It is a conversation system that AI understands the context of the speaker and find out a suitable quote on the Internet.

Deliverable: Quotation proposal conversation system

Statistical survey work

Using user data of learning software, we introduced a recommendation system that proposes questions the user needs in learning software through statistic analysis of user data, based on a request to create new learning software value.



Data collection site development

We develop our own crawler system and create a website where you can browse specific information.




Image processing AI development

Clients: (Private)We are responsible for developing a recording system for public institutions. We are developing AI that reads specific information from documents by machine learning using AI.

Deliverable: Image processing AI

Development flow

Planning and Meetings


Requirements definition and Specification design

Development and

Data analysis






企業様にcorporate scent(企業やブランドイメージを表示する香り) を提供するサービスです。AIによって適切なにおいを割り出し、世界に一つだけのにおいを提供いたします。


 それぞれの人の思い出の香りのデータにシンクロする香りを持つ花束を贈るという、 これまでにないフラワーギフトのあり方を提供する試みです。レボーンのにおいセンサーの技術を活用し、このプロジェクトへ貢献いたしました。


クライアント業種 : 大学機関等

解決 : Coming soon

提供物 : Coming soon


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