AI and IoT technology developed by our company,

Providing services such as systems and platforms,

By the odor solution by "odor sensor" and "AI of odor",

We are contributing in various fields.

Kaori Tabi

Gold Coast Analyzing local scent data, we identified herbs with similar scent components using AI (artificial intelligence), and contributed to the production of herbal tea that has the scent of a resort.


Platform development for the advertising industry

Provider: (Undisclosed) Coming soon

Offer: Website (Platform)



Statistical survey work

Destination: (private)

Based on the request to create new learning software value using learning software user data
We have introduced a recommendation system that statistically analyzes user data and proposes problems that users need in the learning software.

Offerings: Statistical Survey Report

Image processing AI development

Provider: (Undisclosed) Responsible for developing a recording system for use by public institutions. We are developing AI that reads specific information from documents by performing machine learning using AI. Offering: Image processing AI

Kiowoku No Kawori

This is an attempt to provide an unprecedented way of providing a flower gift by giving a bouquet with a scent that synchronizes with the scent data of each person's memories. We contributed to this project by utilizing Reborn's odor sensor technology.

Data collection site development

Provider: (private)

We are developing our own crawler system and creating a website where you can browse specific information.

Offer: Website

Conversation bot development

Provider: (private)

In charge of developing a conversation system for conversation robots that enrich people's lives. I created a conversation system using the platform that I developed originally.

Offering: Conversation system


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