We contribute to various fields

by providing services such as AI and IoT technologies

developed in our company, systems and platforms,

and odor solutions using "odor sensors" and "odor AI".


AISCENT is a service that creates scents with AI, which was jointly developed with KYARA INNOVATE Co., Ltd., which manufactures scents that features Japanese traditions, and cultures. AISCENT has the functions that making full use of the latest olfactory technology that we have accumulated over many years, AI analyzes and propose the user's favorite scent.

Development of robot that talks with people

For the purpose of branding, we have developed AI that enables "communication between plants and people" by combining AI with plants. It is a conversation system that AI understands the context of the speaker and find out a suitable quote in the Internet.

Deliverable: Quotation proposal conversation system


ABMT (Attention Bias Modification)

This is an Attention Bias Modification (ABM) training app that improves symptoms such as depression and anxiety through industry-academia collaborative development. By utilizing the dot-probe task that has been used in the field of cognitive science for a long time, "correct the direction in which the subject's attention is directed".

Revorn Instance Management

This is a new service that allows you to simply set up an analysis environment in a laboratory or faculty / department. RIM is a system that makes it possible for you to easily operate an instance of a cloud server and perform "start", "stop", "restart" and "delete". You can easily set up and operate the environment of analysis software (Rstadio, Jupyter Tensorflow, Next Cloud, etc.).

Odor data collection and analysis work

As a study for revitalizing the region, in response to a request to utilize odor data, we used iinioi® Sensor to collect and analyze odors from various parts of the region, and created and provided an odor data report. Currently, it is useful as a tool for thinking about means for regional revitalization.

Deliverable: Odor Data Report


This is a service that provides "corporate scent", which is odor that displays the image of the company and brand, to corporations. We will use AI to determine the appropriate odor and provide only one odor in the world.




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