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From smell measurement and evaluation methods to optimal fragrance blending, one of REVORN's strengths is that we are able to respond to consultations on all kinds of odors.

Consulting example

  • Optimization of the sensor measurement environment

  • Contract measurement by sensor

    Analysis of sensor data and construction of AI (including third-party sensors)

  • Establishment of sensory evaluation method

    Implementation of sensory evaluation

  • Sensory evaluator education/panel development

  • User preference analysis 

  • Customized fragrance depends on scene and needs

  • Commissioned perfume blending


case study

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Shochiku Co., Ltd.



黒と黄色 ダーク ゲーマー サバイバル YouTubeサムネイル.png

Miyata Shoten Co., Ltd.




Base Food Co., Ltd.



​Customer's voice


​Regional Promotion Department

Local government

Until now, it was said that it was difficult to measure "Sake (Japanese rice wine)" with a smell sensor. In addition, we were able to express Sake using a new way of presenting the method by sensory evaluation of the aroma of Sake that makes it easy to convey the appeal to consumers.

​​Used services​

Measurement environment consultation, sensory evaluation consultation, smell sensor, sensory evaluation AI​


research department

Food manufacturer

We have created our own sensory evaluation criteria in-house and have used sensory evaluation in product development and quality control. For a long time, I felt that it was a problem to express it with. In this consultation, we asked them to review the sensory evaluation criteria, determine the standard odors for each evaluation term, and formulate a training plan for sensory evaluators using them. I am very grateful to have found a way to solve a long-standing problem.

​​Used services​

Sensory evaluation consultation


New Business Division

Electronics manufacturer

We have been thinking about creating a space using the sense of smell. This time, we had a fragrance consultant select fragrances that can be combined to create different scenes, and then use those fragrances to create a fragrance that matches the scene produced by AI. We have developed a system that can produce 8 different scenes with a diffuser. ​I am very satisfied with the high-end production with a more immersive feeling.

​Used services​

Perfumery consultation, Perfume AI, AI diffuser

Flow of consulting




Understand the needs and issues of our customers and unearth potential problems.



​​Suggestion ~ Quotation

Based on the content of the hearing, we will consider solutions and propose the best service for your business scale and budget.



Start of business

After signing the contract, we will start work on specific implementation items. If necessary, we will discuss progress sharing and specification changes at meetings.



Final deliverables / other project start

After confirming the deliverables, we will complete the delivery and acceptance inspection procedures. In addition, we will have a separate meeting if the work develops into a project or system development.


Get to know our consulting members

First of all, please consult us. We will provide advice and support to achieve maximum results according to the customer's issues.


Consulting Member

Smell experts in each field We will respond to your concerns.


Please feel free to contact us about anything.

​REVORN Co., Ltd.

Shinkawa ST Building 2F, 1-25-2 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo



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