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Consulting Member


Tomiharu Nagata

Product Development Supervisor


Born in Kumamoto Prefecture

Consulting area

Sensory evaluation, fragrance, multivariate analysis, etc.


Collecting stones, cacti and tuberous plants, photography


Engaged in product development for 2017 at Japan cigarette Inc. (JT) and contributed to a project exceeding 10 billion yen that was created as an independent project. After that, he launched and expanded area research on human tastes as a fragrance manager and deputy director of a research institute. Areas include research on the five senses centered on smell and taste, psychological research on human cognition, sensory chemistry that connects chemical analysis and sensory evaluation, and the construction of new sensory evaluation methods. Utilizing his skills as a perfumer, he will drive the growth of REVORN.


  • Sensory evaluation of fragrance (setting and evaluation of objective evaluation axis and proposal of solutions using various sensory evaluation methods)

  • ​Flavor creation (using sensory scientific knowledge, etc.)

  • Leading R&D projects in the field of taste science research, such as sensory chemistry, sensory science, and sensibility science

  • Analysis of scent x preference data (multivariate analysis, etc.)


Mirai Sawada

Consulting section manager


Born in Ibaraki Prefecture​

Consulting area

Measurement, instrumental analysis, deodorant test, etc. based on the Offensive Smell Control Law


Live, watching soccer, camping


Qualified as a smell judge, she is well versed in measurements using the human sense of smell based on the Offensive Smell Control Law. She specializes in education and operation of odor panels. In the past, she set up a new smell department at a leading company in environmental analysis and quality inspection, and as a manager, recorded the top sales in the entire company. She also has the national qualification of "environmental measurer" to measure the concentration of harmful substances, and has experience in establishing test methods and instrumental analysis in a variety of fields.


  • Measurements/research on skin gases

  • Quality control/assurance of pharmaceuticals based on GMP

  • Measurement based on the Offensive Smell Control Law/Measurement Law

  • Method validation

  • Data integrity support

  • Measurement of various hazardous substances


Yayoi Kasakura



Born in Ibaraki Prefecture​

​Consulting area

Sensory evaluation, fragrance adjustment (replacement) considering laws and regulations, etc.


tropical fish


Engaged in flavor development for 40 years at Japan cigarette Inc. (JT), and oversaw the flavor division globally for over 20 years. With the acquisition of Manchester in the UK, Reynolds in the US, Gallaher in the UK, and Nakula in Egypt, we have played a central role in creating flavors for a wide variety of products, with sales expanded to more than 130 countries around the world. So far, he has various experiences such as leading many projects such as fragrance sustainability, process good manufacturing practice, product reliability improvement technology development, smokeless tobacco development, aroma profile systemization of over 1000 new cigarette varieties. . He holds the title of one of the few principal flavorists in the world, including past and present, at JT.


  • Sensory evaluation of fragrance (sensory evaluation and quality control)

  • flavor creation

  • Aroma component replacement technology

  • Fragrance R&D Project Leading

  • Practical use of new technology related to fragrance

case study



You can use a cloud system equipped with an smell sensor and AI that can be used for various needs at a reasonable price.


Please feel free to contact us about anything.

​REVORN Co., Ltd.

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