Odor solution

One of the five senses of human beings, the technology of "cutting out a moment" of smell

"Smell" is converted into information by a sensor developed by ourselves and analyzed by AI.
Using this "scent" data from around the world, we will build a new definition in the area of "olfaction".
At REVORN, in a free environment like a lab,

We are engaged in research and development of innovative IoT devices and AI with professionals who conduct advanced research.

Possibility of Smell & AI & IoT

Over the dog's nose

The "fragrance" that cannot be felt by a person's nose is identified as data.

Succession of skills

The "fragrance" that was identified by the nose of an expert is machine-learned using AI to create data, enabling anyone to identify as much as an expert.

freshness, sugar content, Fragrance

Identify "scents" and realize new measures to improve quality and productivity.

Abnormality detection

By learning machine learning using AI, it can detect dangerous "fragrances" for humans and abnormal odors of machines.

Comfortable space

AI will optimize the "scent", "light", and "sound" to create a comfortable space for human activities.

We contribute to various fields by providing "smell" solutions.

Odor data collection and analysis work

As a study for revitalizing the region, we requested to use odor data as well, and used the iinioi® Sensor to collect and analyze the odors of various parts of the region, and created / provided the odor data report. Currently, it is useful as a tool for thinking about means for regional revitalization.

Offering: Odor Data Report


It is a service that provides corporate scent (fragrance that displays the image of the company and brand). We will use AI to determine the appropriate odor and provide only one odor to the world.

Kiowoku No Kawori

This is an attempt to provide an unprecedented way of providing a flower gift by giving a bouquet with a scent that synchronizes with the scent data of each person's memories. We contributed to this project by utilizing Reborn's odor sensor technology.

Research and development in the medical and self-care fields

Client industry: University institutions

Solution: Coming soon

Offering: Coming soon

Details are currently being researched and developed, and details will be published in press releases.

Kaori Tabi

Gold Coast Analyzing local scent data, we identified herbs with similar scent components using AI (artificial intelligence), and contributed to the production of herbal tea that has the scent of a resort.


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