Defining "odor" and leading to a new world

We define what is odor, and make it common sense in the world.

The "blue" of a traffic light is defined as being "progressable",
Now it is an universal recognition.

Creating a new definition according to the times is
bringing surprises and excitement to people, creating new ideas,
and turning into be the origin that is developing various cultures and industries.


Revorn's mission is to solve social issues and create new values

through developing AI which makes full use of cutting-edge technology,

and keep challenging toward them every single day.

Representative Director Hiroaki Matsuoka


We provide services such as "odor" AI/IoT solutions that we have researched and developed in-house and contract development of systems / AI / IoT, etc.


2020.11.18 Information on our member was updated

2020.12.17 Announcement of the TOKYO VENTURE CHAMPIONSHIP 2020


Revorn Co., Ltd.

MAIL: TE L: 03-6455-2850 FA X: 03-4571-1007

MH Building 2nd floor,  1-33-8 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0013,


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