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​Smell Sensor - Obre -

Smell sensor using QCM (crystal oscillator). Measure and pattern the frequency change caused by the adsorption and desorption of the smell component on the crystal oscillator. It has high performance and compact size, and can be used for measurements in any location.

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iinioi® cloud

A platform that enables management and analysis of sensing data measured by an smell sensor. By having various AI models implemented in the iinioi cloud learn data, it can utilize odor data in product development, quality control, research, etc.

Auto Sampler

An autosampler that can automatically measure 25 vials. It is also possible to control heating, measurement time and number of times. The time it takes to measure a person is greatly reduced, and it can be used when learning a large amount of data.



Up to 8 types of fragrances can be installed, allowing you to enjoy 60,000 scent combinations. Diffuser control and data management are possible with the iinioi® cloud.



Please feel free to contact us about anything.


Free measurement demo of the smell sensor is available.

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