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REVORN aims to democratize smell​​

Healthcare workers say that the smell emitted by a patient can foreshadow illness or death. At the airport, drug-sniffing dogs with years of rigorous sniffing training keep us safe. Understanding the characteristics of numerous scents, embodying the scent in your imagination, only experts who have trained their sense of smell for many years can do it. There are always smells around us. However, can we say that we are able to handle these odors freely? If the “democratization of smell” is achieved, the world will be one in which everyone can freely experience and utilize smells. By promoting the “democratization of smell,” LeBone aims to create a future where people become richer and smell creates a new culture.

the only remaining sensory organ

Research on vision and hearing has been actively conducted for a long time, and from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, devices that were the predecessors of cameras and microphones were already invented. On the other hand, it was in 1991 that a receptor that is an important component of the sense of smell was discovered. It was in 2004 that the Nobel Prize in Physiology was awarded for this achievement, and it is the least researched of the five senses, including taste and touch.


Richard Axel (left) and Linda Buck (right) For his discovery of olfactory receptors and the organization of the olfactory system, 2004 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

​The sense of smell is the only sensory organ that has the greatest impact on human behavior

Humans use their five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) to receive information from the outside world. Information obtained through the five senses is processed in the brain to promote behavioral changes. Of these, the information obtained from the other four sense organs, excluding the sense of smell, passes through the cerebral neocortex, which controls reason and thought, and is transmitted to the limbic system, which controls human instincts, emotions, and memory. Only olfactory information goes directly to the limbic system. Therefore, the sense of smell is said to be the most influential sensory organ in humans.

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Market Impact of Olfactory DX

Checking the degree of rotting of food, judging gas leaks, People unconsciously rely on information from their sense of smell. Unlike other senses, the sense of smell is said to act directly on emotions and has a great impact on humans. However, smell tends to be less conscious than other senses. That's probably because it's "information that is difficult to recognize by smell". As the visualization and digitization of smell progresses, we should be able to make more use of our sense of smell. If we can digitize the sense of smell, we should be able to use smell in a wide range of ways and build a more prosperous society.

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​REVORN's approach

The sense of smell works by combining the "nose" that receives odor components and the "brain" that processes information. We will reproduce the sense of smell by developing an "odor sensor" that corresponds to the nose and an "AI" that corresponds to the brain. Digitized olfactory makes it possible to identify unusual odors and quantify odors based on odor representation.

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We have experts in various fields

Digitization of the sense of smell, whose research has lagged behind other sensory organs, is an extremely difficult undertaking. In order to realize this highly difficult olfactory DX, Reborn has members from various specialized fields who are working on solution development while sharing information.

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future image

Reborn builds a business platform for smell. Anyone can have access to the data, and through the development and use of services, we will realize the democratization of smell.

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