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01. Culture
​        “Fragrance” creates culture


What is "smell"?

Smell is the sense. There are several steps that a person takes to “feel” a smell. First, molecules that cause smell enter the nasal cavity and reach the olfactory receptors located at the back of the nose. After that, receptors that catch those molecules emit signals according to the molecules. The signal is transmitted to the olfactory cortex in the brain, and it is said that the sense of smell is generated by identifying the smell there.

Current Situation Surrounding “Smell”

In smell to study smell science, it is necessary to reproduce these olfactory mechanisms. However, what can be measured with general olfactory sensors is currently limited to distinguishing the types of smell molecules. REVORN aims to reproduce the human sense of smell by using AI to identify the collected smell data.

Possibilities of “scent x AI x IoT” created by REVORN

 8 areas where new possibilities are born 

01. Culture

Further diversification of cultural expressions through “fragrance”

For example, scent is also used as an element of branding. A world where the brand's world view can be expressed with a unified "fragrance" at every touchpoint with customers, such as space, products, and staff.


02. Parameters


Birth of a new evaluation index, “Aroma®”


Visualize the scent with data and measure the height of the scent. For example, fruit quality. It is evaluated not only by its appearance and sugar content, but also by its high “fragrance”. A world where complex aromas such as coffee and wine can be scientifically evaluated and expressed.

03. Behavior


When the scent changes, people's behavior changes


Using the psychological effects of scents to induce behavioral changes. For example, in the office during the day, while enhancing productivity with smells that enhance concentration, Promotes relaxation and refreshment during work hours and breaks, It leads to improvement of QOL of employees. Towards a world where smells can change your mood, and smells can change your behavior.

04. Living Environment

"Fragrance" technology to create a comfortable space


AI instantly analyzes smells in the air, harmonizes the smells, and provides a comfortable environment. For example, smells that cannot be eliminated from medical facilities and nursing homes. Because it harmonizes rather than cancels out with a strong scent To a world where you can live comfortably in  stress-free environment without knowing it.


05. Healthcare


In an era where diseases can be detected by smell


Smells are also used in medicine. Instantly diagnose your health condition from the smell of your breath. For example, lung cancer and pneumonia can be diagnosed simply by exhaling. A world where you can easily check your health status at any time without spending a lot of time and money on medical care. It is possible to more accurately manage body smells that are difficult to judge by yourself.

06. Quality


Utilizing "smell" for quality control and production control


Sensory evaluation and smell anomaly detection for quality control of foods and cosmetics. By incorporating scientific evaluation into tests that could only be done with the human sense of smell, A world where more stable quality control is possible.

07. Society


Contributing to the creation of a safe society through smells

For example, detection dogs detect smells. More than 100 drug detection dogs are active in Japan to prevent drug smuggling. A world where illegal drugs can be detected 24 hours a day, 365 hours a day without borrowing their noses.

08. Lifestyle

Express freely with fragrance

Visualize your favorite scent with data. AI will make recommendations according to the data, so you can create your own scent more freely and easily without the help of a perfumer.

Living Environment

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