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Participated in an auditory x olfactory horror event as a smell director

Cooperating with efforts to increase fear by utilizing the characteristics of the sense of smell

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At Shochiku Obakeya Honpo, which has strengths in directing and scriptwriting skills cultivated through film technology, we are particular about managing horror events that utilize new technologies and concepts every year. In 2022, we planned an ASMR horror event that focuses on hearing. Originally, the sense of smell, which is said to have a direct effect on the limbic system, which controls emotions in the brain, has the effect of causing fear and trauma that people have experienced so far. Focusing on this point, we examined the production of a horror event that can produce a more terrifying feeling by combining hearing and smell.

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From the overall composition of the horror event, we have extracted the scent that will amplify the sense of dread. In the scene, there was a part related to "blood", so I started preparing "Blood Smell". In smell to not only reproduce the smell of blood, but also to add the spice of fear, we created a nuance that is metallic, sharp, and has a vivid and fresh feel to it that makes you feel uneasy when you smell it. We also developed a miniaturized diffuser specially for the event. We have created a design that is optimized for the event, considering quietness and wind direction, and built a system that can control the timing and duration of spraying with software.

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