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Miyata Shoten Co., Ltd.

Development of aroma recommendation AI service and blending of aroma blend

150 blended aromas refined with expert advice

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Miyata Shoten, which has been providing products and services related to natural remedies such as aromatherapy and herbs for many years, has introduced unprecedented DX services through the fusion of aromatherapists and technology. We have two goals: to increase interest in potential fragrances and to contribute to the spread of fragrances. Leveraging its strengths in AI development technology and scent knowledge, REVORN cooperated in the overall development of the service.

​Points to resolution

Based on the results of answering a total of 15 questions, the service provides the optimal blended aroma from a total of 150 aroma recipes. Among aromas, there are certain aromas that are contraindicated to those who have underlying diseases, lifestyle-related diseases, or are pregnant. (For example, geranium is considered contraindicated during early pregnancy to the stable period.) Therefore, it was necessary to build AI while assuming user cases with contraindications. In addition, when blending aromas that have their own characteristics, it requires knowledge of aromas and skill in blending to create a well-balanced aroma. In contrast to Miyata Shoten's rich knowledge of fragrances and advanced technical skills, we have succeeded in creating a more sophisticated aroma blend than other services by utilizing REVORN's knowledge and technical skills.

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Please feel free to consult us. We will provide advice and support to achieve maximum results according to the customer's issues.



You can use a cloud system equipped with an smell sensor and AI that can be used for various needs at a reasonable price.


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