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Creation of aroma mapping for DX of food development

We will consider the differences in features and areas for improvement compared to other company's products, aiming for a balance between health and deliciousness.


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sensory evaluation

Odor data analysis


Through the development and sale of nutritious foods such as BASE BREAD, BASE FOOD aims to realize a society where health is the norm. We are working on DX. Aroma is closely related to the “flavor” that characterizes food, and by visualizing the flavor, it is possible to compare it with benchmark products and to consider the direction of the deliciousness of the product that the company is aiming for.

Points to resolution

As a first step, we selected an evaluation word suitable for evaluating the taste of bread, and based on that word, we conducted a quantitative evaluation of not only Base Food's products but also commercially available breads, including those of other companies. After evaluating the breads, we created a scent mapping that maps the scent trends of each bread. The numbers in the scent mapping represent the bread products evaluated. The arrows represent the characteristics of the scent, and you can see that the characteristics are different for each bread.


For example, there are sample numbers "4" and "5" at the end of the "ALCOHOLIC" arrow in the center of the screen, which indicates that 4 and 5 have a stronger ALCOHOLIC flavor. If you want to make the sample "17" at the bottom closer to the flavor of 4 or 5, you can consider adding ALCOHOLIC elements to 17.

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You can use a cloud system equipped with an semll sensor and AI that can be used for various needs at a reasonable price.


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